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About Chicago Banking Rates

Chicago Banking Rates connects you with the top local credit unions and banks that will help you save more, whether you are looking for a low rate loan or a high interest deposit account. Our goal is to bring you the financial news and tools about the Chicago area that will make a positive impact for your wallet.

Why Should I Use Chicago Banking Rates?

Simply put, Chicago Banking Rates makes it easy for you to compare interest rates on deposit accounts and loans all in one place, side by side. We aggregate data from 4,000+ local credit unions and banks to bring you the best interest rates available on the market today. You need to stay informed in order to save more, and our tools make it easy for you to do so.

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Most people end up paying more on a loan because they did not compare interest rates across the board, or did not have access to all the data. Even a 1% difference on a loan could mean huge savings over the life of your loan. It’s the same with deposit accounts. You can earn more on deposit accounts like CDs, savings or checking accounts by comparing the best interest rate offerings from local credit unions and banks in the Chicago area.

How Much Will it Cost Me to Use Chicago Banking Rates?

Zilch! Chicago Banking Rates is absolutely free for all users and there are no charges or hidden fees. In fact, you can also explore other cities near the Chicago area to find out how much your neighbors are paying for loans or earning for deposit accounts. We’re committed to helping you save, so there’s no way we would ever charge you!

Chicago Interest Rates Available to Me

CD Rates in Chicago, IL: One of the best ways to earn more interest is with a Chicago certificate of deposit. With varying deposit terms, you can earn more interest the longer you keep the money in a CD account. Compare CD rates and lock in some good interest no matter what the greater market is paying. Some financial institutions even offer bump-up CDs that will adjust to a higher payout just in case market rates increase.

Savings Account Rates in Chicago, IL: Everyone needs a savings account, so you might as well be earning as much interest as possible. Compare savings account rates from top local financial institutions and see if they have any branches near your home. You can also choose to open a savings account online.

Chicago Checking Account Rates: A Chicago checking account makes financial transactions much easier, but did you know some checking rates pay more interest than savings accounts? It’s true, and now you can easily compare the rates to find the best accounts available today.

Chicago Credit Card Rates: You can now compare the best credit cards in the Chicago area, and see which ones will offer you the lowest rate charges, the best rewards and the most mileage. Start exploring to find the best credit card for your needs.

Auto Loans in Chicago, IL: Comparing car loan rates is easy because we connect you with the top lenders in the city of Chicago, including credit unions, banks and car lenders.

Chicago Mortgage Rates: People are always on the hunt for the best mortgage rates in Chicago, IL. We put them all in one place so it’s easier for you to compare. Saving even a small percentage on your Chicago home loan can translate in thousands over the life of your mortgage.

Chicago Student Loan Rates: Chicago is home to some of the finest colleges in the world, so find the student loans you want here and make higher education affordable for yourself.

Personal Loans in Chicago, IL: When you need quick access to a personal loan in the Chicago area, we can help. Find the best personal loan rates in the city so you can borrow at reasonable rates.

Why is Chicago Banking Rates Better Than Other Finance Sites?

While many financial sites give you a snippet of data from local credit unions and banks, we specialize in comprehensive rates information. No other site is as dedicated to local Chicago finances as Chicago Banking Rates.

Banking locally is the key to greater interest rates as financial institutions near your area are likely to give better rates to their local customers. You can also use our comprehensive rates comparison table in order to see how local rates compare to national ones. Residents of the city will greatly benefit from using our tools and connections with local credit unions and banks for all their local finance needs.

Chicago Interest Rate Comparison Tools

A favorite feature of visitors to Chicago Banking Rates is the rate comparison tables we provide. You can find the best interest rates on CD and savings accounts quickly and easily. By default, we set our tables to give you the highest interest rates at the moment. You can also visit our certificate of deposit or savings account categories to do more reading and research on what’s influencing the latest interest yields.

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You can also view expanded versions of the rate tables by clicking into the category pages. Here, you’ll find greater information about the institutions with the highest interest rates including account type and rate details. You’ll also have access to more rates news and in-depth articles about specific accounts so that you can learn more before you decide on the right financial product for your needs.

What Other Useful Features Should I Be Aware Of?

Besides the rates tables, here are some other useful features of Chicago Banking Rates that may interest you.

Chicago Credit Union and Banks List

A nice feature of the site is the Chicago Credit Union and Banks List, which provides you with all the information you need to locate and contact your favorite one. You can also use our search and sort feature to find banks and credit unions by letter or by zip code, making your research that much easier.

Daily Finance Rates Articles

If you need greater insight into current bank and credit union rates, we publish daily interest rates articles to help you find the best banking offers. We also discuss various factors that are affecting local interest rates for you and other Chicago residents.

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In-Depth Coverage of Specific Chicago Credit Unions and Local Banks

More than just quick snapshots, we provide profiles of specific Chicago credit unions and local banks that you may have an active interest in. You can find helpful information such as addresses, bank routing numbers, phone numbers and more.

Helpful Chicago Links and Resources

Here are some other great resources for residents of the Chicago area. Make the most of them for better living in this great city.

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Banks and Credit Unions In Chicago And Surrounding Areas

  • Chase

    2 N La Salle St
    Chicago, IL 60602
  • Chase

    41 N Wabash Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60602
  • TD Ameritrade

    111 West Washington St Ste LL5
    Chicago, IL 60602
  • TCF Bank

    29 E Madison
    Chicago, IL 60602
  • BMO Harris Bank

    99 West Washington Street
    Chicago, IL 60602
  • U.S. Bank National Association ND

    25 E Washington St
    Chicago, IL 60602
  • US Bank

    25 E Washington St
    Chicago, IL 60602
  • US Bank

    25 E Washington St
    Chicago, IL 60602